Thursday, 4 August 2016


My name is Ché and this is my first blog post.
I'm not big on writing, but have been encouraged to keep a digital portfolio of what my students are doing and all the new technologies that I am using.

So just thought I would start out by introducing myself:

I am a CAT ( Computer Applications Technology) Teacher at Wynberg Girls' High School, in Cape Town, South Africa. A part of my job is as a Technology Integrator (Encouraging, Inspiring and enabling staff to interact with technology in the classroom in a way that will enhance the learning process)

I am a Certified Google Educator (Level 1 and 2) and am currently pursuing the Certified Trainer Qualification (as time allows). I have just been signed up to be a GEG leader for my suburb (Cape Town:Central).

My Favourite (and most used) Chrome Extensions

POWER UP WITH CHOME EXTENSIONS: Here is a list of 5 Chrome Extensions that I use most often.  1. G Suite Training: This app works in...